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Ombre Clovers

Ombre Clovers


Bandanas can be made as slip on bandanas or tie on bandanas. 


Slip On Bandanas:

This type of bandana is created with a tube through the top of the bandana that slides through your pups collar. This is the best choice for any pup that tries to rip off tie on bandanas. The three sizes are medium, large and extra large. For reference, Louie is 72 lbs and wears a size large. 


Tie On Bandanas:

This type of bandana is your typical tie on. The bandana is secured by tying a knot around your dogs neck. The sizes for this bandana are extra small, small, medium, M/L, large and extra large. 


If you need specific measurements of the bandanas before purchasing, please contact me and I can help find the perfect size for your pup. 

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